I glass

Unrivaled Capabilities

Cat-i Glass Manufacturing has become a dominant supplier of precision-machined glass products through emphasis on quality, pricing and custom designed CNC machinery. Our unique ability to build and customize our machines gives us unrivaled capabilities.

Project Considerations

Need to address very short lead times, often installing at the end of the build May only get access to measure days before installation required Heavier fire glass as specifications go to fully insulated glass Limited site storage space for frames used to deliver the glass to site Restricted access times for glass deliveries, especially in London Restriction on maximum weights that can be carried to meet Health and Safety Regulations. Promat can assist and support manufacturers and modifiers throughout the manufacturing process, including:

Glass cleanup retrofit in single stream center (USA)

03/02/17The Single Stream Recycling system was designe manufactured and installed by Bulk Handling Systems (BHS). Featured in this system is a new Nihot SDS-i ‘glass cleanup’ windshifter.

Splashbacks Manufactured To Your Specifications

Coloured glass is mainly used as splash backs or up stands in kitchens and bathrooms. But with a bit of creativity/imagination can be used for all kinds of projects to add that extra touch to any room.

Swimming pool with glass bottom lets people see the road 500ft beneath their feet… and it’s not for the faint-hearted

The pool in Houston, Texas, is stories up and extends out 10ft from the building