I water kettle

Why you should never boil the kettle more thanonce

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Russell Hobbs Precision Control LCD Variable Temperature Controlled Kettle Black

Winchester, Hampshire Amazing, temperature controlled LCD Russell Hobbs Kettle, allows you to select the temperature of the water in degree intervals, perfect for making coffee, various types of tea, green, white, herbal, etc at the right temperature.Only used for

How to remove limescale in a kettle

Submitted by Limescale in a kettle is not just unsightly. Limescale also affects the taste of the water coming from your kettle, so your cups of tea of coffee can end up tasting ‘off’ if the issue isn’t dealt with.


Charge or connect up to devices at once with this Master USB Hub

Despite the push towards USB-C as the one connector to rule them all, most peripherals in the wild are still largely USB-A. Since there’s little reason to upgrade all of your old flash drives, wired keyboards, and game controllers, you’ll need a decent hub to keep them all talking to your new computer.The MondoHub Master

Welcome to PGG Wrightson

PGG Wrightson is a leading provider to the agricultural sector offering a wide range of products, services and solutions to growers, farmers and processors in New Zealand and internationally.