Ice cream pots with lids

paper food boxes, containers trays

PE lined paper food containers are extremely versatile. They are great for serving winter favourites such as hot soups and pasta or even porridge to customers eating breakfast on the go. The same paper food containers can be used to serve portions of ice cream, yoghurts and fresh fruit salads in summer months.

Strawberry Raspberry Shortbread Cheesecakes

Wander through raspberry and strawberry fields with flowering hibiscus, before journeying into vanilla infused cheesecake and crumbly shortbread base.

Traditional stainless steel cooking pot, no handles

Maida Vale, London Stainless steel pot with rim. Traditional style pot. No handle and no lid.Size: ins circumference, and ins height.Collect from Maida ValeĀ£10

What Makes this Mac Cheese So Good

There are a few tricks to cooking magical homemade mac cheese. They separate the so-so stuff from something kids stand on their chairs for, so their Thumbs Ups can physically reach higher. They like it that much.