Indoor bbq ideas

Rotisserie BBQ Cornish Game Hens

Basting the birds makes them moist and flavorful. Adding apple juice to the mop sauce is a great addition it adds sweetness to the meat.

Sliders with Shallot-Dijon Relish

With their easy but elegant relish, these mini-burgers would make a statement at any outdoor or summertime party, especially served with a refreshing cocktail. You can also use this same recipe to make four regular-sized burgers.

Outside chance: Yotam Ottolenghi’s barbecue recipes (for indoors or outdoors)

Barbecues can be a bit of lottery weather-wise, especially in the UK. So it pays to have an indoor-based plan B up your sleeve

Grilling Recipes That Will Make You Want To Be Vegetarian

Hot dogs, schmot dogs. Prepare to fend off jealous carnivores trying to get in on this delicious veggie grilling action.

9. Split Level Cooking

You may have split level decking in your garden, and really want to make the most of the space. Create a barbecue area on the top level, and enjoy some social time on the bottom.