Induction hob samsung

One-touch instant pause

The Pause button provides greater convenience by allowing you to switch all cooking zones to a low power setting with just one touch. To resume, just touch it again to return the heat to your original power levels in an instant.

MPU (Desktop Tablet)

That may seem like a small thing, but it isn’t easy to line up round pans on round burners when the zone markers are square. Miss-place a pan by only a couple of centimetres off a round burner and power can drop by or more. Not so with this Samsung; the burners here cover almost the entire rectangular marked Flex Zone area – you really can’t miss!

Samsung CTN464NCCeramic Hob

The Samsung CTN464NCis a ceramic induction hob with a multi-use zone on one side. Cooking is controlled using the sliding LED display panel at the front of the hob.

Siemens Black Glass Electruc Flex induction Hob

Horsham, West Sussex Siemens, Black Ceramic Glass HobProduct Code: ET651HE17EControls: TouchDimensions: (HxWxDmm) x 5x 522User friendly touch control, you can use power levels to heat your food.The quick-lite cooking zones achieve a high

Kitchen Hobs Buying Guide

A hob is a very important appliance – explore all your options before buying your next one. You want one that will look right in your kitchen, heat up your food efficiently, and give you the flexibility to easily control heat intensity.