Induction stove

Straight from boiling to keep warm

Squeeze more flavour out of every dish with the most precise temperature control. PowerSlide lets you boil, simmer and keep your dish warm just by sliding cookware from one zone to another. Select from a range of pre-set heat levels or define your own.

Now, like the professional chefs, you can control your cooking to the nearest degree for outstanding dish after dish.

Types of Ranges


Gas ranges have been a favorite cooking companion for ages due to their powerful, uniform heating ability. These models feature open flame burners to surround the bottom of your cookware completely, evenly heating pots and pans.

How trendy induction cooking hobs could stop a pacemaker: Magnets can prevent medical equipment working 

Magnets in the hobs can prevent nearby medical equipment from working Warnings about the risks are often buried very deep in the instructionmanualManufacturers are now being urged to print more prominent alertsByCharlotte Wace For The Mail On Sunday

Simulating an Oven With Double-Walled Stainless?

by westesmonths ago Kuhn Rikon has an interesting product line named Duotherm that uses double wall stainless on the sidewall to create a

11. Spectrum Lime 5-Piece Pan Set: £3 Dunelm Mill

The quirky colour makes these purse-friendly pans aesthetically appealing (with other vibrant tones also available). Practically, they are on par with the Argos Home set, with all the same benefits (stay-cool handles and handy glass lids) – it’s just that you get two more for your extra tenner and they are also induction friendly. Also like the Argos ones, beware of occasional cold spots and wash up with care.

Most importantly, don’t put them anywhere near the dishwasher.