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Soft serve ovevo whippy brand new ice cream machine in UK

Bradfor West Yorkshire Brand new machine by Ovevoupgraded with new features 2Omodelif you have any question etc please do not hesitate to askjust email me and i will response you within few hours.

Perfect for Medium-Duty Use

Many of the self-refrigerating ice cream makers aimed at home cooks can produce at least one quart of homemadein about to minutes. The Lello Musso Lussino, the non-commercial grade ice cream maker by Lello, for example, can produce two -quart batches of ice cream in about minutes. That is certainly a very good production rate for a non-professional-quality ice cream machine, but if you are a chef or an owner of a small restaurant, you will probably need something much more efficient. This is where the Lello Musso Pola 50Dessert Maker comes in.

With its powerful motor and 2-quart bowl, this heavy duty ice cream maker can make up to quarts ofgelato or frozen yogurt in an hour.

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Panasonic SD-ZB25Bread Maker Stainless Steel –

Pre-programmed recipes including rapid and gluten-free options. Speciality mode allows you to use spelt and rye. Easy to use, it even makes jam or compote. Yeast dispenser adds yeast at the optimum moment

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