Installing a log burner

My fireplace is blocked up. Can Kindle Stoves open it up?

Yes. We can also undertake any breaking out and finishing work your fireplace may need to create the look you want. We can do the plastering but do not undertake tiling or painting

(Photo above – click to see a bigger version) A StoveMaestro FDEFRA approve British made 8kw wood burning stove our installer partners fitted. This exact stove and flue kit as in the picture is available for ONLY £11inc VAT and free delivery for a full DEFRA approved package. Call us to order on 0179567

Welcome to Vesta Wood burning Stoves and Logburners

Manufactured in the UK and installed nationwide

Vesta Stoves is a UK based family business that design, manufacture and install woodburning stoves nationwide. We believe our range of wood burning stoves provide an affordable, modern and contemporary looking heating solution to your home. The full range of Vesta multifuel and wood burning stoves are hand built using a mix of traditional techniques and modern equipment.

We manufacture specifically designed double sided stoves that make a stunning centrepiece for your home. Vesta stoves are also leading the way with a range of direct air intake stoves.

Before installing a wood burning stove

Before installing a wood burning stove, you should make sure that you meet all the requirements. Here, you can read more about what you need to do to be ready to install and use your new wood burning stove.

Explore the Worcester Greenstyle Stove Range

The two core models in the Worcester Greenstyle range both give a very different finish to your room. The Hambury is a more traditional stove and is made from high-grade cast iron, whilst the Bewdley is a modern steel stove that comes complete with an optional wood store for added height and convenient storage space.