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When you need an all-purpose, powerful sealant, Rutland 500°F RTV High Heat Silicone Sealant is the right choice for any project. Seal fireplace inserts, install ceramic tiles or apply heat shielding to your stove – no job is too big. Permanent, flexible silicone adheres to glass, metal, plastics, fiberglass, woo brick and stone.

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High Temperature Silicone Rubber

Adpol extrudes and moulds products in an extremeHigh Temperature Silicone Rubbergrade that is rated up to a maximum operating temperature of 300°C. This is available in a range of hardnesses from to shore A, and can be pigmented to almost any colour you could require.

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9000STNFO – Black heat-resistant silicone in kg drum, approved for drum press

Single-component acetic polymerization heatresistant silicone sealant which polymerizes at room temperature due to atmospheric humidity in order to grant a permanent and flexible bonding even at high temperatures (+250°C). Excellent adhesion even without primer on most non-porous siliceous materials such as glass, ceramic, glazed tiles and clinker, impregnated or painted wood and some type of plastics. The user should carry out some tests due to the variety of substances.

The adhesion can be improved in many cases by using a primer on the substrates.