Ivory kitchen units

Replacement Kitchen Doors Drawer Fronts

Replacement kitchen doors and bedroom doors are a smart, stylish and inexpensive way of making your home look brand new without spending a fortune. No matter the size or age of your units, our made to measure kitchen doors and wardrobe doors are guaranteed to fit, and we now have more than 10style and colour combinations from high gloss whites and blacks to classic woodgrain Shakers. The Kitchen Door Workshop is more committed than ever to helping people replace their doors, so get your free quote today!

Choosing a Kitchen Colour Scheme

The kitchen colour scheme you choose including the choice of paint for the walls, the colour of kitchen cabinetry, worktops and flooring are all vitally important because colour defines whether a kitchen will ‘work’ and also impacts dramatically on a kitchen’s ‘mood’ or ambience. We appreciate that not everyone has a blank canvas to start from when designing a kitchen and there are other factors that influence kitchen colour and style choice, including the following:-

Curved Kitchens From Eaton Kitchen Designs

Many of our kitchen ranges include practical and elegant curves.The addition of curved kitchen units into your design not only creates a focal point but softens the overall look.Curved kitchen units provide style with ergonomic storage potential. A selection of our curved designs are shown below.

Painted Colour Palette

Our painted collection is available in a choice of stunning colours.From timeless classics to bold contemporary shades, make a statement that reflects your sense of design and taste.

Create the illusion of space

Wall units make a small kitchen seem top-heavy and can appear to dominate the room. Swap them for open shelving and plate racks to keep the look simple and airy.