Kegs of beer for parties

Just pour with our keg hire packages and enjoy draft lager anywhere.

Dispense pints of draft lager anywhere with our keg hire packages. We use the American keg pump which means you can have draft lager at any event without the need for a power supply or costly draft coolers and Co2. The cheapest way to enjoy fresh lager at your event.

Keg Cooler Equipment Hire

This is a fantastic opportunity to be your own Pub Landlord. Barstop is happy to show you how to pull your own quality pint in your own environment.

Beverage Cooling, Dispensing and Storage Solutions

Draught Beer Online (DBO) are a premier wholesale supplier of innovative beverage cooling, dispensing and storage solutions to the bar, hospitality and catering industries.

Rent the party wagon as long as you need

Have a weekend family function? How about a week-long music festival? No problem! The party tap wagon is available as long as you need to rent it – including refills as needed!

Simply call today for pricing and availability. Book in advance and ensure a memorable party!