Kenwood chef stand mixer

Kenwood Chef Titanium Stand Mixer KVC7300S

The Kenwood Chef Titanium Stand Mixer offers superb, reliable performance, classic good looks and can whip up almost every bake you can think of – everything from scones to soufflés, bread to biscuits and meringue to mousse – making it perfect on the kitchen worktop of professional chefs and bakers alike.

MPU (Desktop Tablet)

Once combine we raised the speed to knead the dough. Since it was quite sticky, the dough tended to cling to the hook. Adding extra flour helped free the dough for kneading, but it still had a tendency to wrap around the hook.

However, the dough was stretchy enough to form a base and proved especially well.

Kenwood Chef: A9- Coffee Grinder.

Liverpool, Merseyside Excellent condition.Great for giving up the instant coffee muck, and having freshly ground coffee, right when you need it.Works with the Kenwood Chef A901


Can anyone tell me if you can buy the whisk and dough attachments (that normally come with the appliance on purchase) separately? Looking at buying this machine but only the K attachment is with it.

Don Don asked on Mar 1 2017

What Makes This One Different To The Other Models?

This model in the Kenwood Chef Range is equipped with a 1400W motor that is slightly less powerful than the Major Titanium KMM020.This is one of two differences between the two models.The other is the difference in bowl size.This one has the same sized Litre bowl size as the other models, whereas the KMM0has a larger Litre bowl.