Kenwood fpm810 food processor

Multipro Sense Food Processor FPM810

Featuring intelligent auto and variable speed functions, a heat resistant ThermoResistglass blender and revolutionary shatterproof TritanTMbowls.


used the food processor about 5/time. First time was goo, second time it jumps all over the bench. Wont cut dried app, date, coconut flacked. Anyone got some ideas

Jamie asked on Apr 1 2017

Need everything for baby girls

Paisley, Renfrewshire Hi there i need help due in dec and struggling to get everything a need a have no baby cloths i am haveing a girl and hardly eny big stuff just wondering if enyone can help me the facebook sights youse to be good for stuff but cant use it enymore sin

Things To Look Out For Before You Buy

These best food processor reviews had a lot of info to make you think, didn’t they? A bit of food for thought eh? With that out of the way though, you have a much better grasp of what’s on offer.

Even so, there are other things to look out for before committing to a model, so take a look at those as well.

KKenwood Food Processor Bowl Lid (for Mixing Bowl) for food processor KW663797

Fits in FP48 FP58 FP69 FP59 FP92 FP47 FP88 FP92 FP94 FP91 FP58 FP58 FP68 FP69 FP