Kettle for tea

English man spends hours trying to make cup of tea with Wi-Fi kettle

Data specialist Mark Rittman spent an entire day attempting to set up his new appliance so that it would boil on command


Great Barr, West Midlands Brand new sealed unopened iKettle Remote boil your iKettle from anywhere in the home. Water Level sensor shows you exactly how much water is in the iKettle on the App. Make night feeds easier, remotely boil and be notified once the water r

Why you should never boil the kettle more thanonce

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Car Travel Kettles Are A Great Refreshment Accessory For Motor Trips.

Super quality 12V car kettles to make your cup of tea just perfect on the road. A nice UK tradition, so do not leave behind those vital household amenities whenever you are active on your next lengthy ride.