Kilner 250ml preserving jar

Kilner Jars are a great Storage Solution

The tightly sealed jars provide an effective storage solution for all foods, including pasta, flour, sugar, rice, cereals, tea bags, coffee, jam and much more. From the beginning of the Kilner Jar in the 1800’s through to the present day, the importance of preserving foods in a safe way is still supported by the wide range of Kilner Jars for sale. The traditional round clip top jars, with the orange rubber seal, remain a Kitchen staple for storing dry ingredients, while the vintage hexagonal jars, with cute gingham lids, continue to be the perfect way to preserve homemade jams.

Kilner Preserve Jam Jars (Multi-pack)

Available in500ml and litre sizes, these stunning Kilner® Preserve Jars will look great filled with your home-made jam, chillies or preserves and the screw cap and vacuum seal disc will ensure that the contents stay as fresh as the day the jar was sealed

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Kilner preserving jars

Norwich, Norfolk Kilner jars various sizes, all ready for preserving. Proper preserving jars, not the flip top sort.Some jars are old school type, twice the thickness of the modern jars. Comes with some rings.

Kilner Preserve Jam Jars (Multi-pack)

Available in 250ml, 500ml and litre sizes, theseKilner Preserve Jars will look even better filled with your home-made jam, chillies or preserves.