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Kitchen Gadgets – SALE

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Kitchen Gadgets – SALE

Quirky, Egg Minder Smart Egg Tray

We can agree, surely,that the egg is the most versatile and tasty breakfast ingredient of all time, but it’s a sad occurrence when one of our little protein-packed friends goes bad. Enter the Quirky Egg Master. This nifty kitchen gadget will tell you when your eggs are going ba through the use of LED lights, which push notifications to your phone will alert you when you’re running low.

Multi Blade Herb Scissors

These scissors have five different blades, allowing you to cut 5X faster than you would with normal scissors. They are perfect for herbs, but work just as well for anything that has to be cut into very small pieces. Although it is encouraged that you keep them out of the dishwasher, they come with a special cleaning tool that allows you to get at the hard to reach places in between the blades.

Grating, Grinding and Shaving: Antique Kitchen Gadgets

What would you do without your frozen foo microwave, and electric stove? Probably exactly what the Victorian housewife did-prepare your meals from scratch! But even in the 1800s, women had a collection of gadgets and tools designed to save time and effort.

Get an up-close look at how these wondrous inventions worked in this primarily hands-on program.

3. Silicone Sink Strainer

Photo courtesy of AmazonLets face it, college kids are messy. Sometimes the sink fills with leftover foo threatening to be clogged. The sink strainer from OXO keeps the mess from jamming your kitchen pipes, while also saving the occasional shot glass from obliteration in the garbage disposal.