Kitchen mites


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Australian Spider Beetle


Covered in brown and golden hairs, the Australian spider beetle has a spider-life appearance and adults grow to an approximate – 4mm in length.

Do psocids do any harm?

Psocids do not cause any direct harm in small numbers although large infestations contaminate foods. They are also known to swarm over new plaster which may still be damp. Again they do not cause any harm as they are attracted by minute bacteria and moulds.

Top pests in hotel and commercial kitchens

Pests are a public health and business risk. They can cause damage to buildings, fittings, furnishings and food products, transmit disease, cause unsightly marks and smells.

Chemical vs. Non-Chemical Mite Control

Permethrin is perhaps the most widely used pesticide in the treatment of fleas, ticks, itch mites, head lice and other human pests. While Permethrins show no immediate signs of toxicity, their presence in the environment is extremely toxic to fish and to cats. Never use a Permethrin pesticide on or near your cats, especially to get rid of ear mites.

The EPA has classified Permethrins as potentially carcinogenic because some studies have shown increased lung cancer rates in lab mice exposed to Permethrins. Considering the potential harm Permethrins may cause to mammals and fish, you may want to consider the following mite control treatments before resorting to the use of this pesticide.