Kitchen sink unit and cupboard

Skills Required to Fit Your Own Kitchen

Fitting a kitchen yourself does require a great deal of skill, to get it looking right and to make sure it lasts for years. This is because kitchens have to deal with heat as well as damp and humid conditions, and kitchens are the rooms that are often getting the heaviest wear in the house.

Cabinet Fixtures and Fittings

We only use premium quality proprietary fixtures and fittings. This ensures that our cabinets are not only of the highest possible build quality but also of the highest possible specification as well.

How to measure your kitchen

Map out your current kitchen layout (or empty kitchen if you plan to start from scratch) on graph paper using metric measurements, as this is what kitchen manufacturers use. 

Kitchen, Bedroom Bathroom Replacement Doors Ltd

Here at KBB we are committed to providing you with the widest selection of replacement cabinet doors for your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. Complemented by the biggest range of stylish accessories we aim to help you transform your home.

Floor Standing Vanity Units

Floor standing vanity units offer the ideal bathroom storage solution in today’s more hectic world where it’s often easy to forget where you left your razor or that spare toothbrush.