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Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Regulations

Posted on July 2 20by Airedale Cooling Services TeamProper ventilation plays an important role in maintaining a clean, hygienic environment inside commercial kitchens, where a great deal of heat is generated in a confined space. As such, it’s important for those in charge of a commercial kitchen to ensure the relevant ventilation regulations are followed to protect the health and safety of both staff and visitors.

Ventilation: Approved Document F

Fro Department for Communities and Local Government Part of: Approved Documents and Building regulation Published: December 20Building regulation in England for the ventilation requirements to maintain indoor air quality.

Guidance on the control of odour and noise from commercial kitchen exhaust

Fro Department for Environment, Food Rural Affairs Part of: Environmental quality Published: March 20This guidance document provides clear guidance on best practice for the minimisation of odour and noise nuisance from kitchen exhaust systems.

Module 90: Ventilation and gas safety in the commercial kitchen

This module explores the need for ventilation and other key safety issues associated with gas-fired cooking in commercial kitchens