Knives Accessories

At Fiskars we understand how important good knives are for successful cooking. That’s why we have developed a wide range of knives for all chefs and cooking needs. Our knives are made of quality materials, and the selection spans knives for everyday cooking as well as award-winning specialty knives for the most demanding gourmet chefs.

Fully Forged Stainless Steel Paring Knife 9cm Blade

Straight-edged paring knife with 9cm blade. Fully forged from one piece of steel. Beautifully balanced with full tang. Riveted handle for comfort and strength. Dishwasher safe

Sabatier Trompette Carving Set


Robert Welch Signature 22cm Bread Knife


Robert Welch Signature Compact Oak 5-Piece Knife Block Set

Now: £17

Kitchen knife types Japanese

Kitchen Knives by Type

What sort of knife are you looking for? The most widely used Japanese knife is the gyuto, this will perform the majority of tasks required. The best knife for the job may not be the gyuto, hence the variety of knife types on offer.

German Kitchen Knives

Our German Kitchen Knives have all the features we love in a blade: an ergonomic, well-balanced walnut handle complements a Japanese-inspired blade without the thick bolster and wide profile that make a Western knife feel unwieldy.