Large bird feeders

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Hopper Feeders

These feeders are perfect for all of your favorite backyard birds! With large landing areas, even larger birds such as cardinals have an easy time landing. Hopper feeders come in a variety of different materials like bamboo, recycled plastic, cedar, and many more.

Squirrel Proof Feeders

Squirrels can be a pest in the garden.They eat all the food you put out for the birds and can damage feeders.These feeders can stop them(and larger birds)from reaching the food.

The Farm Bill works for birds — and needs your help

Farms, especially large single-crop fields, do not always make great bird habitat, but that doesn’t mean that farmland is devoid Read More

Know About Bird Tray Feeders -How To Use- Platform Feeders – Gardening Tips

This kit creates a multi feeder station using small amount of space, easy tips for cleaning under bird feeders accumulated hulls