Large bottle of champagne

Champagne Bottle Sizes

The Champagne bottle design is born as much out of style as it is necessity. The thick glass with its gently sloping shoulders and a deep punt (the indentation on the underside) are necessary as the pressure inside the bottle is 80-90psi (x the pressure inside an average car tyre).

Champagne Large Bottles

Large bottles of champagne are perfect for celebrating and impressing. At Sparkling Direct we stock a wide range of larger bottles. The bottles sizes range from litre magnums to the largest we stock; litre Nebuchadnezzar.

Champagne: why size matters

Comparing formats

Michel Drappier, the leading producer of the Aube district of southern Champagne is a specialist in the larger formats up to the giant 15-litre nebuchadnezzar. So he has interesting insights and facts about size. There’s no doubt in his mind that the magnum has more finesse and less oxidation, and shows more freshness.

The proportion of oxygen that gets into the bottle during disgorgement is half that compared to a standard bottle.

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Large wine bottles – when to go supersize

Not only do large wine bottles add to the festive spirit or occasion, they more often provide you with improved quality of drinking.

Champagne Bottle Sizes and Names

The large format Champagne bottle sizes (with the exception of the Magnum and Primat) are named after biblical kings and figures. Nobody knows quite why, perhaps because of their importance or maybe because of their age bestowing grandness upon the fizzy wine.