Large compost bin

5. Best Tumbler On Wheels: Kotulas Gallon Wheeled Compost Tumbler

This tumbler composter from Kotulas has an easy to use design that allows you to transport it around the yard whenever you need. This means you can process your compost in one spot and roll it right over to your garden to empty it out, which is so much easier than dumping into a wagon or wheelbarrow and then transporting it! The frame is constructed of heavy duty steel for maximum strength, and the composter itself has a large gallon capacity.

The construction also allows for air circulation in order to speed up your composting.

Grange Medium Square Wooden Composter

This Grange Medium Square Wooden Composter is essential for every garden. Manufactured from Pressure treated timbers, this Wooden Composter comes

New Zealand compost boxes

New Zealand boxes are a clever variation of a large simple composting bin that make composting large volumes of material very practical. They are actually two or three box-shaped lidded bins, usually made of woo joined together with removable boards making up the front side.

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Composting technologies

A homemade compost tumbler A modern compost bin constructed from plastics Various approaches have been developed to handle different ingredients, locations, throughput and applications for the composted product.