Large cream tiles

Cream gloss 15cm x 15cm ceramic tiles (in total) £3

North West London, London HR Johnson ceramic gloss tiles made in England.15cmx15cm, tiles in total. Just over square metres.Cream in colour (sorry difficult to get the light right for the photo). Left over from refurbishment.Collection only

Caspian Bone Stone Series

Caspian Bone Stone floor tiles are a perfect replication of lightly tumbled travertine stone in a porcelain. Caspian Bone Stone has a subtle digitally designed veined surface which perfectly replicates natural stone. Caspian Stone Bone is maintenance free and is perfect for creating one off natural looking floors and walls.

Available in four sizes to be used on there own or as a or tile combination.

Rustic Lake House Kitchen

To complement the rustic wood wall, Designer Richard Tubb chose freestanding restaurant-grade stainless steel cabinetry and enlisted blacksmith Darren Hardman to craft a custom steel island. Open shelving confines dishware to the essentials, while a row of bare Edison lightbulbs provides general and task lighting.

Where To Buy Your New Himalayan Salt Block

For those who prefer to see and touch it before you buy it, certain high-end kitchen and home furnishing retailers do sell HPS blocks. However, you can also easily find them online such as this Large Himalayan Salt Slab for Cooking Serving available on Amazon. 

Tile 101: Choosing the Right Grout for Your Tile

June 0 2015Grout is more than just the glue that holds your tile together it is a vital part of the design. Often overlooke grout selection is as important as your tile selection; it is the key to loving the end result.