Large kitchen knife

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At Fiskars we understand how important good knives are for successful cooking. That’s why we have developed a wide range of knives for all chefs and cooking needs. Our knives are made of quality materials, and the selection spans knives for everyday cooking as well as award-winning specialty knives for the most demanding gourmet chefs.

English-French translation for large kitchen knife

large kitchen knife FR
coutelas All translations examples Similar Translations for large kitchen knife Translations Examples {noun} coutelas
large English
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Knife Care and Sharpening

Dull knives are the single most common cause of commercial kitchen injuries. Because properly sharpened knives cut more easily than dull ones, workers can complete their tasks more quickly. Additionally, the product being cut can be returned to temperature-controlled storage more quickly for increased food safety!

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Large kitchen knife used in robbery try at Gilroy outlets

A man on probation was arrested for trying to use a large kitchen knife to rob someone at the Gilroy Premium Outlets on Monday morning, police said.