Latte machine

The Espresso – short and long

Espresso is a concentrated coffee, made by forcing very hot water through ground coffee beans at high pressure. The coffee is characterised by its thick consistency and crema that floats on the surface. For the connoisseur

Tassimo coffee machine

St George, Bristol year old barely used tassimo machine for sale. Excellent condition. Selling due to purchasing a barista style machine and no room in the kitchen for both! Collection only.

Enjoying Your Favorites With A Coffee And Latte Machine

ViewsSummary: For the hard and true coffee lovers among us there are few roads we would not travel for the perfect cup of coffee. We have our favorites – usually house specialties with a $price tag that cause lines at our nearby coffee houses. And we travel there each and every day – sometimes several times a day – to pay for the privilege of a cup of liquid gold that will ready us for our day or get us through our afternoon or push us through our end of the day slump. But what if we cou

Delonghi EC1Bar Cappuccino Machine

Holding the fifth ranking on this list, the Delonghi EC1Bar Cappuccino Machine is the perfect tool for those who don’t want to invest too much money into a latte machine.

Caring for the Rocket Espresso Giotto Evoluzione

Clean the brew gasket with a cleaning brush.Soap out water tank and drip tray every few days.Optional: Perform backflush routine and clean the filter basket each week.Keep the stainless-steel casing shiny with a microfiber cloth.