Leisure gas cooker oven not working

My Oven Glass Door has shattered

This is a relatively new problem that is still quite rare. There is no conclusive factor that can be pointed to as the cause of an oven door shattering. This type of problem can occur while the oven is in use or even when the oven is not being used. Typically, the glass used in ovens is tempered glass. While this is undoubtedly one of the toughest forms of glass, it does have one inherent flaw.

Any small crack or deformation near the corners can create excessive tensile pressure on the glass. This type of glass is also well known to shatter completely when it cannot handle the pressure it is placed under.

Leisure CK60GAK Gas Cooker, Black

Larger viewProduct informationDeliveryReturnsServicesSpecial OffersRatings ReviewsThe Leisure CK60GAK range cooker is rated AA for energy efficiency, which means it could help to keep your energy bills low.

Vax Action Pet Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

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Robert Dyas

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range electric cooker by Leisure

BicesterThis is a range cooker with a fan oven, grill pan and oven racks present including plate warming rack. Also, it means you can draw on your ideas and see if you like them before taking the plunge with the real thing Details:range, cooker, oven, grill, electric, leisure, storage, radiant, hotplates, plateSee also:

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