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Whenever you need to make urgent washing machine repairs you need to turn to a company that has the experience and the expertise to carry out the necessary appliance repairs as quickly as possible whilst giving you the you are looking for.

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Efficiency and standards

Capacity and cost are both considerations when purchasing a washing machine. All else being equal, a machine of higher capacity will cost more to buy, but will be more convenient if large amounts of laundry must be cleaned. Fewer runs of a machine of larger capacity may have lower running costs and better energy and water efficiency than frequent use of a smaller machine, particularly for large families.

Running a large machine with small loads is wasteful.

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NottinghamLG washing machine kglogki washing machine good working order 2years old collection only. black lg in good working condition. Delivery was excellent, it arrived less than hours after i ordered it -wow See also:

LG Washing Machine – Silver

Available from the 26th August. No longer required due to house move, in perfect working condition Collection only, preferably on the 26th Specification Model – WD-14396TDK Size – 600mm(W) x