Multi Temperature Liebherr Cabinets

The Liebherr Multi-Temperature Wine Fridges in the Vinothek range offer versatile storage for different types of wine, each at its perfect drinking temperature. The innovative climate technology creates a temperature stratification within the appliance. As a result, red wines can be stored in the upper section at +18C; in the lower section a temperature of +5C is ideal for storing sparkling wine or champagne; and in the middle section the temperature is perfect for white wine.

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Commercial Manager – Liverpool based with some travel

As the Commercial Manager you can expect a variety of responsibilities. The principle focus will be the commercial management of the Bibby WaveMastervessel

Eminox wins major contract with Liebherr Machines Bulle

Gainsborough, June 20Liebherr Machines Bulle SA, the Liebherr group engine manufacturer, has chosen emissions technology specialist Eminox to supply exhaust systems to achieve Stage emissions standards. The systems, based on SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology, will be fitted to the complete range of Liebherr on- and off-road machines, comprising some 10machines per year.

Have A Faulty Liebherr Appliance?

Domestic appliances are vital to the smooth running of any household and they always break down at the most inconvenient times. Liebherr appliances often display some of the following problems: