Lockable bottle

Menda Solvent Dispensing Pumps

Menda Dispensing Pumps protect against cross-contamination, by preventing flui once pumped into stainless dish, from returning into dispenser. A variety of bottle sizes and shapes are avialble depending on your preference.

NFC Programmable Smart Ring

$5from Amazon At this point you could put a different type of smart ring on every one of your fingers if you wanted. The NFC Ring is a programmable piece of smart jewelry you can wave around powerful wizard- or dismissive CEO-style

OXO Good Grips Pop L Square Food Storage

Large square food storage container. Stackable with airtight silicone seal. Open and close one-handed. No need to grip or twist. BPA free plastic

Back Bar Bottle Coolers

We stock a wide range of back bar bottle coolers in black or stainless steel, with single, double and even triple door back bar bottle coolers available to suit different space requirements, with most coolers having an external depth of 500mm to 540mm. Most coolers are under-counter models but we also have tall uprights such as the Blizzard BAR10.

Troy° Hot Water Bottle

Stays warm twice as long – and much safer.

Heat retaining two-sided cover. The yellow side of the cover lets you feel the pleasant warmth. The blue side is double layered and retains the heat much longer.

Thanks to the two different colours, the sides can‘t be mixed up.