Meat probe thermometer

Oven Add-a-Shelf Extra Rack For Cookers

Adds an oven shelf so you can cook an extra dish. Uses wasted space at the bottom of an oven. Helpful for batch bakers. Still leaves room to warm plates

John Lewis Stainless Steel Meat Thermometer

Larger viewProduct informationDeliveryReturnsSpecial OffersRatings ReviewsDurable, stainless steel meat thermometer, designed with an easy to read dial. This contemporary piece can be inserted into the joint of meat to a depth of about 5cm and then positioned in the oven so as to see the dial through the oven door. Have you thought about roasting accessories?

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iGrill, Thermometers, and Timers

Kitchen Thermometer Pro Meat Probe

Find a DealerThe durable, stainless steel Kitchen Thermometer Pro Meat Probe measures -58°F (-50°C) to 716°F (380°C) and is built to withstand the extreme heat of all day cooking.All sales of the Kitchen Thermometer Pro Meat Probe are final.

Best Digital Meat Thermometer Reviews

BySHARE One of the greatest problems in cooking has really been solved. You must be wondering what could be the greatest problem in the first place, and if there is any what it would be? This is actually how much you have to cook something (the heat or technically speaking the temperature at which something should ideally be cooked).

How to avoid destroying your new thermometer

While researching these products we noticed a fair few angry customers complaining about their units failing after only a few uses to a few months. With proper use you should get at least a few years use out of your probes.