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Product Overview

This high quality microfiber cloth is designed for cleaning glass, windows, LCD/Plasma television screens and other smooth surfaces. Microfiber has natural cleaning powers and the dense, circular weave of this cloth enhances its ability to wipe smooth surfaces clean and leave them with a streak-free finish. The cloth is machine washable and comes with an identification tag to tell you on what surfaces it should be used.

How were the styles chosen?

We receive compliments all the time on the ties, even before people find out that they have the lens cloth built in. Their fashionable and stylish design make them a great option for even a standard necktie. We also believe in keeping the price reasonable, and were able to get the added benefit of the microfiber cloth while still offering lower prices than most other tie brands. 

Howto clean special frames?

When learning how to clean these parts properly, it’s crucial that you first consider what your frames are made of. Plastic and metal are the most common frames, but we also go over vintage and hipster frames in this guide.