Microwave oven with drop down door

The key to a modern healthy lifestyle

This spacious microwave oven is designed for busy, yet healthy lifestyles. With convection cooking, turbo steam and combination cooking options, you can create any menu with delight and ease. The versatility of this microwave will transform meal time, delivering healthier in shorter preparation times.

litre internal capacity

With a generous internal capacity of litres and a host of useful programmes and recipes, you can use the microwave as you would a conventional oven. Cook anything from roast beef, to chicken wings, to crème brûlée, in less time.

Best Countertop Microwave:

For many years, countertop microwaves have been a mainstay of most modern kitchens. These freestanding models can be easily moved or replaced while tending to be much more affordable than over-the-range or built-in alternatives.

Fascinating design. To your personal taste.

Are you planning a new kitchen or do you want to replace an old appliance? Then take a look at a modern Siemens built-in microwave. These compact units offer fascinating innovative functions, and are also extremely attractive and a great fit with your kitchen.

Microwaves Combi-Ovens Buying Guide

Microwaves are super convenient, energy efficient, and they make meal times faster (and more fun). But it’s not just about the humble countertop models anymore –combi-ovens are hitting the market: giving people the option to opt for a kitchen microwave that offers them much more than just a simple microwave for heating up food. These appliances can include a convection oven, an electric grill, a steam oven, and a microwave all in one!