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Microwave ovens buying guide

Aside from providing a fast and reliable way to heat up your foo microwaves are energy-efficient and economical for your home. And they’re a lot more advanced than they used to be, often incorporating a grill or fan oven for extra cooking options, sotheir other advantage is that they’re perfect if you’re short of space.View our range of microwaves.

User-Friendly Features Make Cooking And Reheating Easy

One of our most convenient microwave oven features is our Express Cook. They are simple, clear, one-touch keys for the most popular cooking times, from one to six minutes. Or use the popcorn, beverage and entrée settings to make everyday tasks a breeze, so you can get back to simply better living.

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University Housing provides for each resident:

Bed Mattress Mattress Pad Desk Desk Chair Bookcase or hutch Dresser (in Dejope, Leopol and Ogg, instead of a dresser, shelves are built into the walk-in closet) Compact refrigerator (size varies from – cubic ft.) Window coverings Closets Wastebaskets Recycling bin Cable TV and Ethernet connections Mirror

Appliances that are not allowed

Please discourage high school graduation gifts of cooking appliances other than a microwave. Extensive food preparation is not allowed in resident rooms for sanitation and fire safety reasons. The University Residence Halls do not allow:

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