Mirror light shade

Lamp shades for your home

Lamp shades have been a classic in interiors for decades. They have the ability to be able to completely transform the look of your existing light fittings from their current dull and drab state, to a fresh and revitalised look that is sure to make for a bright and uplifting mood within the room.

Choosing the right bulb can make all the difference!

The right choice of bulb is another important consideration as you may want or need your lighting to be subtle and complementary rather than bright and dominant.

Lighting for occasions

When hosting a party, lighting is of the utmost importance for creating the right ambience. By experimenting with different types of lighting, the mood of a room can change from calm and romantic to energising and vibrant. Create a bright, warm glowwith a combination of subtle light sources with an emphasis on accent lighting.

Reflective surfaces such as mirrors can be used to bounce candlelight around the room and crystals, diamonds, mirror balls and reflective baubles are ideal for adding that extra festive sparkle.

Ceiling Lights Wall Lighting

Find out more about Ceiling Wall

Here at Taskers we stock an impressive range of ceiling and wall lights to wow any home. Our vast range consists of a variety of colours, polished and black chrome, antique and polished brass, copper, creams and browns all available in a wide choice of styles for your living room, dining room, hallway, porch, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

Lights for use around a bathroom mirror

The right bathroom lighting can switch an image in the mirror from beast to beauty yet is often overlooked in the rush to install new showers, modern fixtures and stylish wall tiles. So, if you are refurbishing your bathroom take a few moments to read our guide below. Our range of bathroom mirror lights can give you the required even illumination needed to remove or reduce shadows from overhead lights ensuring you look your best first thing in the morning!