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Mixer And Blender Options For Vacuum Drying Requirements

Source: Charles Ross and Son CompanyThroughout the industries, more and more manufacturers are turning to agitated vacuum systems to improve their drying processes. Three common mixing technologies are employed in various vacuum drying requirements: the Vertical Blender/Dryer, Cylindrical Blender/Dryer and Double Planetary Mixer.

Melt blenders for extrusion

Do you wish to optimize your extrusion process? Promix offers you effective static mixer and melt blender solutions including extrusion housings at low investment cost.

Reliable paddle mixers

Paddle mixers are highly efficient and provide fast, thorough and uniform mixing for a wide variety of food products. The scooping and lifting action of the blades provides an accurate and homogenous mix. Even when the bulk densities of ingredients vary greatly.

The heavy duty construction ensures a long life and a reliable performance.

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