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Stainless Steel Power Blender

Simple dial operation from low to high speed. Pulse, ice crushing and smoothie functions. Add ingredients as you blend. litre graduated glass jug for easy measuring

Kenwood Multipro Compact Food Processor Blender Mixer

Bromley, London We have had this for about a year, but we only really use the blender. Bought at John Lewis for £10 but moving to America so need to sell! Everything works perfectly.From the John Lewis site:The brushed metal, Multipro Compact Food Processo

Food Processors, Mixers Blenders-The quick way to mix food

Using these quick and easy to use electric food mixers you can simply place your ingredients together and mix with ease, ideal for recipes that need extensive mixing.

Breville the Scraper Mixer Pro

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Breville the Bakery Boss – Salted Liquorice

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Kenwood Appliances Chef Sense


Parts and Accessories

Sealing GasketSPB-456-3$0Food Processor Cover for DuetAFP-7CVR-MP$10Stem AdaptorAFP-7STM-MP$0Food Processor Work Bowl for DuetAFP-7WB-MP$10Blender Pour LidCBT-PL$0Blender Collar for CBT-5CBT-500W (Brushed Chrome)CBT-CLR$20Food Processor Chopping Blade for DuetAFP-7CB-MP$20Feed Tube Pusher for DuetAFP-7FTP-MP$0Blender CoverCBT-CVR$10Slicing/Shredding Disc for DuetAFP-7DSC-MP$20Gold Tone FilterGTF-4$0Cutting AssemblySPB-456-2$20Large Chopping BladeFP-16LCB$5