Narrow dishwashers

Flexible racks. Maximum leeway.

And when you need room for a lot of glasses, varioFlex Plus racks even allow you to load glasses in two rows in the bottom rack very convenient and safe thanks to the glass rack.

Built-in dishwashers with 45cm width

Designed for smaller recesses, this series has space for ten standard place settings. DosageAssist ensures optimal cleaning and is as gentle on your dishes as your energy bills.

9. Swan Retro Dishwasher

Very There are nine other colours to choose from with this model, as well as matching retro-inspired products from sensor bins to kettles and microwaves. Those clean lines mean you will have to open the door to check on controls if you don’t programme correctly first time, but the chunky pull handle made it easy to access. Upper and lower baskets were well positioned at default setting, giving taller glasses room on top. This model’s efficient cleaning and the well-balanced height of its baskets meant tall glasses fitted in its top slot with ease.

The timer delay is a great feature if you would rather the machine didn’t run when you are around.

Hoover slimline dishwasher

Knowle, Bristol Slimline dishwasher. Bought second hand for £and works well. Missing clips at the back of the top drawer so you just need to be careful when opening! Looks a bit old but works like a dream and saves you washing up! :)Height: 86cmWidth: 45cm

tips for a nice-smelling fridge

Are you pleased with the well performed job and do you want the fridge maintain its nice aroma for as long as possible? Excellent natural odour absorbers are: