Narrow wine cooler

mQuvée – Modern series

Show off your wines with a trendy wine cooler from mQuvée! The door has a combined finish in both black and stainless steel for a stylish match in the modern kitchen. Choose between a stand-alone, integrated or even a built-in unit, according to your requirements.

The wine coolers are silent, come with wooden shelves, and have a carbon filter to keep unpleasant odours away from your wines.

Wine Refrigerator Reviews – Modern Bottle Chillers For Kitchens

Regardless of whether referred to as freestanding wine coolers, wine fridges or simply wine bottle refrigerators, you can expect functional styles to suit your way of living, such as chillers which are perfect underneath the counter top.

SANDSTROM SWC32BWine Cooler – Black

Rochdale, Manchester Keep your wine chilled with the Sandstrom SWC32BWine Cooler . Finished in a smart black wooden design, the cooler is a stylish addition to your home and ensures your wine stays at optimum temperature. With five separate shelves and a 1litre cap

Wentworth Estate Mansion

As experienced property developers, our clients had decided that for this high-end property they wished to commission bespoke furniture in a classic, contemporary style. The Modernist kitchen, with its modern lines and references to the past, was the perfect choice for this glamorous home. The kitchen is accessed through a number of doorways so it was important that each run of furniture was elegant and symmetrical.

Mirror backed glazed cabinets store glassware close to the sink and curved cupboards flank the range and echo the curve of the bespoke extractor.

Wine Cooler Reviews and Price Comparisons 

There is a wide range of wine coolers available, from the very compact that will chill half a dozen bottles of white wine, to large wine cabinets that keep your white wine, red wine and Champagne perfectly, in separate temperature controlled zones.