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How To Choose The Right Size And Shape Sink For You

Choice – we all want it, but when you’re in the midst of a kitchen makeover the number of decisions you have to make can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. So we’re going to give you the low down on how to pick the right sized kitchen sink for you, hopefully making that final decision that bit easier.

Creating A Right Hand Variable Joint

When cutting a variable joint, it’s essential to study the manual to follow the correct procedure and ensure the worktop is the right way round. Cutting the female section of the joint is identical to the previous example, except that now you need to machine the worktop ‘face up’. Machine the connector recesses identically as in the previous example.

What is a worktop template?

A kitchen worktop template has to take place on site to ensure the worktop(s) are the right size for the intended kitchen space. The worktop template is a mock-up, or model, for the kitchen worktop and is required before any kitchen worktop can be installed. Following the templating process, the worktop is cut to match the dimensions of the template, before being returned to site for installation.

Skills Required to Fit Your Own Kitchen

Fitting a kitchen yourself does require a great deal of skill, to get it looking right and to make sure it lasts for years. This is because kitchens have to deal with heat as well as damp and humid conditions, and kitchens are the rooms that are often getting the heaviest wear in the house.

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Posted by Jewson Kitchens, 21st June 2016