Old champagne glasses

Which Champagne glass shape is the best?

Flute, coupe or tulip? These three different glass styles are all intended as Champagne or sparkling wine glasses, yet they are significantly different in shape. You may know that the shape of a glass can drastically alter the taste experience of your drink, so when it comes to a luxury like Champagne and sparkling wine, you want to make the right choice for your glass cabinet.

New Boxed – Schott Zwiesel Fortissimo Champagne Flutes (Box of 6)

Greenwich, London The Fortissimo Champagne Flute from Schott Zwiesel is a tall, thin, fluted Champagne glass with the Schott Zwiesel patented effervescence point, which helps to encourage and maintain fizz.

8/Copper Honeycomb Champagne Flute

A beautiful flute from Oliver Bonas, the copper detailing is right on trend. Better for newer champagnes, this glass is perfect for entertaining guests.

Liz Hurley confirms her 14-year-old son Damian did have a glass of Bubbly in Hello magazine pictures during This Morning interview

After that photo shopping mystery Liz Hurley admits her 14-year-old son did have champagne

Champagne flutes from Villeroy Boch – When there is something to celebrate

Champagne flutes are must-have items in every household. Even a one-person household should have at least six champagne flutes just in case. Chosen to match your porcelain set, stylish glasses from Villeroy Boch always create elegant accentuation.

The gentle sparkle from the glass accompanies a romantic breakfast in be sweet strawberries plucked from the summer garden or an anniversary celebration. There is a champagne, prosecco or sparkling wine to suit any occasion. You choose the taste.

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