Old freezer collection

2) What are the harmful substances in fridges?

Most fridges made before 20contain Chlorofluorocarbons (‘CFCs’) or Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (‘HCFCs’) in their insulation material and/or their refrigerant. CFCs and HCFCs are manmade compounds comprising carbon, fluorine, chlorine, and hydrogen. Non-toxic and non-flammable, they were used extensively in aerosols, refrigerators and solvents until it was discovered that the CFC molecules were being broken down by Ultra Violet (UV) radiation and releasing a chlorine atom that was reducing ozone in the atmosphere. Ozone depletion causes increased levels of harmful UV-B radiation to reach our planet.

As a result, an international Treaty (the Montreal Protocol) was signed to phase out their production.

Bulky waste, fridge and freezer collections

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Fridge and freezer collections

We can remove item only (a combined fridge freezer is accepted as item). The cost is £40. More than one item will cost £4(incl. VAT) for each additional item.

Your fridge or freezer needs to be empty before collection can take place.

Reliable Refrigerator Disposal

As with any of the white goods we collect through our on-demand service, you can rest assured of reliable refrigerator disposal after collection. We’ll take it directly to a registered WEEE treatment facility where the unit can then be reused or recycled.

Fridge Clearance Service – Friendly Efficient

We pride ourselves on our efficient and friendly service. We understand that customer service is often a forgotten thing in the scrap collection and recycling field and this is exactly why we are so proud of our friendly, helpful and uniformed staff.

Bulky items collection

Getting heavy, bulky items out of the house and disposed of – sofas, wardrobes, beds, fridges, TVs – not only needs muscle, but can also be awkward and tricky depending on access.