Orange juice machine

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We want to make sure you make the right purchase decision when it comes down to picking the right machine as it is quite a big decision. Here are some other top picks from our editors and may give you a good direction on where to start!

Save Money, Time Effort with our proprietary Stainless Steel Juice Mechanism

One of our most practically renowned products the world over is the Automatic Orange/Pomegranate Juicing Machine. This machine has earned the reputation of being the most durable, efficient, fault-free, and powerful commercial juicer currently available in the market.

Orange juice machine REDUCED

Handsworth, West Midlands Quick sale orange juicer machine all in working condition can bring your own orange just checking test touch button health and safety approved all parts included and extras amp plug in stainless steel very ideal Showcase great money maker

Tom Boonen takes part in a bizarre orange juicing stunt for new Lidl advert (video)

Tom Boonen rides a kilometre on a turbo trainer that is hooked up to an orange juicing machine and squeezes and impressive amount of OJ

Clean, cleaner, cleanest!

Fully inspected andcertified

With an integrate self-cleaning system, our machines are spic and span in under a minute. The cleaning process is fully customizable according to your needs and is based on time elapsed or volume sold. Our machines use Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada approved products to self-sanitize, and are also hand-cleaned every threedays.