Outdoor grill

Cook up juicy burgers, hot dogs, steaks and more with a new grill from Sears

Make your backyard the go-to destination for outdoor gatherings this year with a new grill. Sears carries traditional charcoal grills for the purist, as well as easy-to-use electric and gas grills for the modern grill master. No matter your cooking style, a natural wood smoker can add fresh aromas and flavors to your favorite recipes.

Get ready for barbecue season with a new backyard grill, outdoor cooking supplies and patio furniture.

12. Jensen Grill Estate 1: £39 BBQ Store

Handmade in Denmark, Jensens don’t come cheap but are the only combination grills that make it possible to barbecue with gas, charcoal or – thanks to the unique height adjustment system and movable trays – a mixture of both at the same time. The precision control, top texture and fabulous flavour blew us away and as it’s made from top-notch stainless steel, it doesn’t rust. There’s a handy in-built thermometer, an innovative cleaning system and plenty of genuinely useful accessories from fish grills to frying stones.

This one feeds around six or eight people, although larger models also available. Michelin-starred chef Claus Meyer is a fan.

High-performance Luxury Grills

Kalamazoo is renowned for making the best high-performance grills in the world. The Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grill is the ultimate grill. A seriously powerful, professional-grade gas grill that also cooks with charcoal and wood.

Changing fuels is as easy as opening a drawer. When empty, the special perforations and angled design of the Hybrid Fire Grilling Drawer diffuses the heat from the burners for convenient gas-only cooking. Place a bed of charcoal or wood in the hybrid drawer for an authentic live fire cooking experience.

Outdoor Grill Partiesfrom € 11- p.p.

Why not hold a conference in our hotel garden and let yourself be inspired by the beautiful mountain panorama of the Carnic Alps? Then spend the evening in a relaxed atmosphere with your colleagues and partners enjoying a very special grill party on our terrace. To make your program complete, we are happy to organize excursions into the nature of the Nassfeld region with various incentive options available.

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