Outdoor mirror

Framemaker Somerley Church 112cm x 61cm Garden Mirror

The Framemaker somerley church 112cm x 61cm garden mirror is an attractive 4ft tall mirror that comes in a traditional chapel window design.

5mm Acrylic Silver Mirror Sheet

Acrylic mirrors are the same as glass mirror for quality. Acrylic mirror is eight times stronger than glass mirror of the same thickness. Acrylic mirror can be used outdoors in garden features. The backing on the mirror is exactly the same as glass, if you scratch it you see the flaw.

The silver is available in 3mm and mm thicknesses. All the colours are only available in 3mm.

For mirror play, we used

Soft Mirror Shapes Pack┬áThese mirrors can either be fixed to the wall or placed on the floor A selection of toys and puppets Tooth brushes and toothpaste Coats, hats and other outdoor clothing One of our children loved the freedom to explore by crawling and walking all over the mirrors, as he could view himself from another perspective he hadn’t seen before. Child friendly and safe, these mirrors can be handled by children without fear of them shattering.

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Complementary and Chic

Piles of bedding and silk curtains layer on comfort in this master bedroom. Warm beige walls and similar-color carpet cast a neutral backdrop for dynamic pumpkin and dusty-blue accents.