Oven clay

A No-Straw Clay Pizza Oven

October 2 2014 by Jonathon Engels filed under Building, How to The inaugural use of the clay oven

Mud Marl Cob Daub:Build a Clay Oven

August, 10am – 5pm

Sigginstown CastleSigginstown Castle, Sigginstown Lane, Tacumshane Co. WexfordHelp build (or watch) a outdoor clay oven! Get dirty – it washes off! Sigginstown Castle is a ruin – we will be outside, under cover if needed. Bring your lunch.

Tour of the Castle will be at p.m.

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Types of cookware and bakeware

The size and shape of a cooking vessel is typically determined by how it will be used. Cooking vessels are typically referred to as pots and pans, but there is great variation in their actual shapes. Most cooking vessels are roughly cylindrical.

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