Oven degreaser

Oven Mate Cleaning Gel 500ml Brush and Gloves Cleaning Kit

Restore your oven to its former glory with the help of our best-selling Oven Mate oven cleaner. Just paint it on and leave for between minutes and hours (depending on the severity), then wipe away. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes, and what little effort it takes to clean your oven!

Oven Cleaner Power Spray

The Astonish oven cleaner power spray is a powerful non-abrasive cleaner which is tough on grease and burnt on food. With a unique clinging action, for effective cleaning on vertical oven walls, ovens are left sparkling from the inside out.

Teepol Stella Oven Cleaner

Stella Oven Cleaner cuts through and removes grease from ovens, grills,fat fryers and canopies. Regular use prevents build up of deposits and itsnon-tainting formula contains no perfumes. Can be used as a degreaser,(spray your pots and pans before washing to help remove burn on food).

Kodex Combi Oven Detergent

Detergent for Combination Ovens: Combi Oven Detergent is a premium grade detergent degreaser designed for the integrated oven cleaning systems built into combination ovens to eliminate stubborn soilage and cut through greases and oils

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