Oven splash back

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Why is our flagship product ‘Ultra Gloss Acrylic’ becoming the most in demand kitchen splashback, shower and bathroom panels system in the UK? Could it be that it is optically more pure, lighter in weight and more scratch resistant than glass? Or is it that when combined with our printing technologies we are able to produce the most devastatingly beautiful panels?

x glass kitchen bathroom splashbacks unused

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A mirror splashback requires toughened glass

Regular mirrored glass must never be used for kitchen splashbacks as it is highly likely to crack and break.This might occur through a knock or bang but is even more likely through exposure to heat.This means if you want to incorporate a mirror splashback in your kitchen then it must be produced from toughened or ‘tempered’ glass; General safety regulations dictate this.

Custom-Made Splashbacks for Kitchens

When we say our splashbacks are custom-made, we truly mean custom-made! We can take any idea and bring it to life; crafting a stunning kitchen splashback in the colour, size and shape of your choice. All of our products are manufactured on-site in our own workshop, and because we mix all of our own paints, we can offer custom colours in addition to standard RAL shades.


Can be difficult to find a heat proof, fire rated version. Scratches easily. Has a cheaper ‘feel’ than glass.

Other Types of Splashback

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a splashback. Some people choose to simply leave the painted wall, although this does leave it vulnerable to damage from grease, food stains and condensation.