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Le Creuset iron pan stand

Hove, East Sussex Le Creuset iron pan stand with tiers. High quality item in excellent condition sadly not required in our new kitchen.Please note – Pans NOT included in sale

Cooking with confidence

Whether you’re creating culinary delights for the family or baking tasty treats, our extensive range of quality cookware, including all the essentials from our Home Collection, will suit all skill levels, styles and budgets.

Hahn 308Premium Half-Round Wall Pan Utensil Rack Black Steel

£115view more Hahn 308Premium Half-Round Wall Pan Utensil Rack Black Steel Regular Price: £11

Stainless Steel Gastronorms

Gastronorm pans are the perfect, versatile food storage system for any commercial kitchen. The fractional sizing system used for gastronorm containers makes them highly interchangeable and means you can always have the perfect size of pan. Whilstpolycarbonate gastronormsare sturdy, lightweight storage solutions, stainless steel gastronorms are also perfect for use in the oven.

Metal gastronorms therefore give you a versatile cooking container for preparing multiple portions and are also perfect as a baking tray, bain-marie pan or for serving food in a cafeteria.

Pot and Pan Racks Enhance Your Kitchen

Add stylish utility to any kitchen with a pot and pan rack in gleaming copper, bronze, stainless steel or even graphite. Whether you want a hanging pot rack to serve as the centerpiece of your food preparation area or a wall-mounted rack to neatly store your cookware, there are a wide range of pot and pan storage choices that can also serve as a striking focal point for your kitchen decor.