Pencil sharpeners

Pencil Sharpeners

Here at Office Stationery, we offer a wide range of great quality Pencil Sharpeners for competitive prices. Pencil Sharpeners are an essential for any office, school or place of work. Our stock comes from top suppliers, including Swordfish, Helix, Q-Connect, Star and lots more to ensure that you get the best quality possible.

We have a variety to choose from, including the standard Pencil Sharpener, Mechanical Pencil Sharpener, Electric Pencil Sharpener and more, covering all your needs.

Recycled Pencils Sharpeners – Hard Hat

Pencil sharpeners

Promotional pencil sharpeners are a practical product which could go perfectly with promotional pens and promotional pencil cases. The range of branded pencil sharpeners we offer has a good range of traditional and novelty products, so whether you’re looking for pure practicality or an attempt to get your customers smiling, we have the product for you.

KUM Automatic Long Point Sharpener

This KUM Automatic Long Point Sharpener is the must-have essential tool for all sketchers. This incredibly clever sharpener firstly allows you to shape the woo and then secondly shape the lead using the two separate sharpening functions.

What to Look For

Colored pencils come in a range of different colors and sizes with changes in the diameter of the lea the size of the barrel, and the shape of the casing. A standard color pencil comes in an mm barrel, however novice-grade pencils tend to run a little bigger because many are made for classroom use and toddler hands. Artist and professional grade colored pencils tend to run at the standard mm size with differing core thickness, so if you work primarily with good quality pencils, you can use the same sharpener across a lot of brands.

Electric Pencil Sharpener

Electric Pencil Sharpener

An electric or battery-operated pencil sharpener works automatically for ease of use. Electric pencil sharpeners plug into a wall outlet and are better for semi-permanent installations.